Mona Lisa and Me..


Most of us in our lifetime have been influenced by images, sounds or words that brought greater understanding, opened a world of new possibilities, and ignited a desire for self expression.

Art changed my perception of this world when I saw  "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci for the first time at the Louvre in Paris. I was twelve. I often wondered what made it so fascinating to me.? And I believe it was the intimate experience i had. How close i could approach it and how i was able to observe all the details, the background landscapes, the smile, the eyes, the dress. It was at a time when the security was not as restrictive and the room was almost empty. No crowd, no lines, no camera, no recording, just observing,  appreciating in silence ... it was a gift that transformed my way of seeing... feeling maybe.

I became interested in the process of creating, of expressing oneself through an artistic voice, of seeking that path. Poetry was one way but art and design became the two main languages helping me to understand the human story, creating this powerful connection through different experiences, culture, but mostly amplifying my perspective as a woman, strengthening my appreciation for being a woman.