"Finding The Way"

"Finding The Way"

My artistic process mostly starts with a state of mind, intuitive connections, words or concepts...all fueled by what life brings.

This year was particularly challenging. Losing two loved ones in the space of six weeks shattered the illusion that I was in control or that I understood what was truly essential in this life.

My "Surrender" series maps an inner transformation through all the noise. It is a visual introspection of acceptance, patience, letting go of the past and a desire for a new direction, one to explore...





Certain events in my life have allowed me to contemplate more on the meaning of life, on what is important as a sentient being to do, to let go of, to appreciate and to seek. We are often driven to distraction with our noisy world and do not take the time to be in stillness.

My "Contemplation" series represents the difference phases: being still while listening to the sounds of silence, of nature... watching the sunrise and the sunset... grieving... having moments of revelation but mostly feeling who we are and understanding our inner world.

Dreaming in Series

I like working on small surfaces. It somehow forces me to distill the forms to the essential. The wood surface provides a natural texture allowing me to stamp on the feminine shape that i carved on linoleum.

My "Dream" series places the feminine form in an open natural surrounding. The stillness gives a sense of vulnerability while sleeping. The colors represent the intensity of those surreal states and transport us in an other dimension.